To those who have gotten good news

To those who have gotten good news

Fitbit Ionic, Ionic Fitbit: Fitbit edition and Versa adidas developed for smart watches software, sleep and larger amounts of personal information, including information at a glance allows you to view a more comprehensive exercise. This new software also allows you to record weight values for the speed and water consumption data. Thus, all the information you need to take action, you will be able to carry it on your wrist. Health, Fitness and lifestyle brands from a range of health Nacho, Genius wrist and also the implementation of the system 10 has been added to the popular brand like Massimo. FitBark, Fitbit amp Gold’s mind, body, Moonlight and other applications, such as TRX will be added to the gallery very soon Fitbit application and thus also your health that will contribute to simplifying your life and move you to the highest level of tools you will have many more.

Tip: How is exchanged on the internet without a trace? 2018121817282260585.jpg Fitbit OS 3.0 Güncellemesi Geliyor

New Fitbit API, developer tools and open source workout, thanks to new and innovative applications for smart watches and the Fitbit Health and fitness complex, the clock dials can be developed faster and in a more efficient manner. Applications developer Alpine snow and Skateboard new is being released today. Women’s health monitoring feature by adding to trends, including trends at the beginning of 2019 Fitbit app to view a more comprehensive symptom menstrual cycle data will be available.

John Oates, Senior Vice President in charge Fitbit products, had to say about the updates: “we are very excited to announce the release of this software and Application Updates. Smart clock and smart wristband Fitbit users their personal data on the basis of these updates, Health and fitness gives you more options for taking action to achieve their goals.”

2018121817293863885.jpg Fitbit OS 3.0 Güncellemesi Geliyor

More health and speed data with the possibility of recording all the information on your wrist!

Fitbit OS 3.0 update; sleep, water consumption records and data and additional statistics, including weight, pulse rate and activity status as well as hourly data offers a comprehensive control panel that enables easier viewing on the device extended. Also now you can quickly save key metrics such as the weight value and water consumption, and thus, important data on your wrist, you can control your personal health. Ionic, Ionic: adidas Edition and with the addition of versa based exercise to target mode, running, cycling, swimming, such as the type of exercise more than 15 in the amount of calories burned, mileage, or define goals for the duration of training and real-time statistics you can see the message when you reach your progress and your goals.

2018121817300956085.jpg Fitbit OS 3.0 Güncellemesi Geliyor

New health and fitness apps from popular brands

Fitbit app gallery was expanded with the addition of 10 popular trademark application; in this way, health and fitness, improve their experience, as well as simplify and everyday life is getting easier. These applications will help you keep track of your progress by integrating with Fitbit data and ideas that will motivate you on your health and fitness journey and offers information.Here, in the gallery to use Fitbit application and popular brands combo 4 clock hours;

achu health: illness and disease prediction technology transfers your data Fitbit alerts you when you show signs of Achu bedenin by sending helps in the evaluation of possible diseases.

Couch to 5k: including the amount of mileage and calories burned by taking your data with Fitbit, a variety of information ranging from the 5K to the marathon and you in a wide range of offers training programs for various races.

Genius Wrist: the practice of configured on the device, efficiency and visualization tools contains four applications (with Genius Gym, Pro, Gym time, Workout Workout builder and Genius) of your Fitbit and your training data anywhere, anytime will offer different ways to view.

MySwimPro: Fitbit from your device real-time heart rate data for each level by using personalized guided practice swim, workout plans, and provides coaching through videos; thus swimming helps you improve your performance. Post-workout analysis of property, personal data allows to track and measure your progress using the progress of.

Fitbit Tim Rosa, director of marketing : “by collaborating with some of the most popular brands in the health and fitness, Fitbit is developing applications that will enable them to use data more effectively, as well as providing unique experiences for our users and in this way to live healthier, more inclusive, and we are giving up valuable personal information. For example, applications such as disease forecasting by matching your data with Fitbit Achu health technology, is going to help you cope with the symptoms of the disease. Massimo swimming swimming coaching plans customized according to your pulse during your practice allows you to improve your performance,” he says.

Applications that are added at the beginning of 2019

201812181730296185.jpg 2019'un başında eklenecek olan uygulamalar

Charity Miles: for every mile that is in sync with your Fitbit activity data saved on the device allows you to collect donations in exchange for 40 of the world’s leading charities.

FitBark: Motion, such as the amount of daily mileage and calories burned on your Fitbit stats, together with your dog statistics of showing together with your buddy is helping me become healthier.

For Fitbit GOLD AMP: Designed by gold’s gym coaches, cardio and strength work, as well as demos during every workout to reach your goals visual, and vibrating alerts, Countdown Timer offers personal coaching.

Mind Body: Mind Body classes and will be attending classes from your favorite studios with the possibility of viewing the wrist, fitness and help you focus on the good life.

Moonlight: quick for you so you can signal for help in case of emergency the device-location information by activating optional security features such as panic mode and over to be safe and to feel secure is helping.

TRX: guided practice, TRX Suspension Training is a fast and efficient by using the following biometric data Fitbit® and thus empowerment in the work of a coach is helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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