Samsung OLED puts on weight

Samsung OLED puts on weight

Recently we started to see too often on smartphones the LED screens, a more concentrated form in the coming period will be preferred. As the main manufacturer in this market, Samsung Display and LG Display, apparently in the market do not have the denominator equal to; a party is getting a lot more severe. Because according to recent research, per cent of the market Samsung 93.3% holds.

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According to a survey by IHS Markit, on a smartphone in the market by 3rd quarter of 2018 LED the panel for those with percent covers more than 61 per cent of the market. Samsung per cent in the denominator 93.3% share. This means almost all the LED screen made by Samsung phone in the market right now.

Q3 sales rise 10.7 billion in 2018 compared to a smartphone screen that showed the percentage 61.1% (6.6 billion dollars) belonging to the LED panel. So now we can say that the market is flying on the LED screen. Now you have a with OLED screen, more than 61 per cent, while this figure was 35 percent in the first quarter of 2018. The enormous increase, more to come.

Samsung, old for a period of 10 years in the job, and I know that will benefit from the experience by selling screens for other brands. Not often, if we look at the last time, Samsung’s smart phone per cent of the display market 57.8% keeps.

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