Game console controlled with the car

Game console controlled with the car

Combining virtual reality with reality, , the first to be controlled by car Nissan GT-R/C model developed.

GT Academy Award-winning Jann Mardenborough, which is controlled by pilot Nismo GT-R/C, Britain’s legendary Silverstone track on 211km/H (131mil/s) reached a top speed of.

Innovative technologies and projects are often distinguished from the name of Nissan, which promises a unique experience for the game lovers remote control Nissan GT-R/C developed.

To celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo games Gran Turismo Sport Nissan developed and underlining the 20 years in a one-time Project Cars, DualShock®4 was developed to be a remote control with. Gran Turismo Sport, October 17 in the United States, on October 18, Europe and Australia, and will be released in Japan on October the 19th.

Nissan GT-R/C, NISMO athlete and GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough was introduced by England’s legendary Silverstone track. Mardenborough, Nissan GT-R/C helicopter controlled from the cockpit. Mardenborough of the fastest lap time (1:17:47), the GT-R/C 122km/h (76mil/s), while reaching an average speed of 211km/H (131mil/s) has signed on to a maximum speed of.

The GT-R/C, steering, transmission, brake and gas control is equipped with four robot. The rear of the car mounted on six computers, controls, can update 100 times per second. Unmodified standard DualShock®4 game console, interprets the signals Button and the GT-R/C car is equipped with a microcomputer which transmits a system. 1km range wireless control system.

Mardenborough speed data in the curves to see the speed of the vehicle in order to help the Racelogic VBOX Motorsport in the cockpit of a helicopter was used to transfer the sensor to the LCD screen.

The GT-R/C is also the main operator were to lose control of the vehicle, two additional operators allows ABS brake system to engage and to stop the engine running with a radio frequency safety system is equipped with two independent and different.

“Hard to believe is really difficult, but it’s real.” lyrics Mardenborough: “I didn’t think it would be possible one day. The GT-R/C for me has brought the world together two important: virtuality and realism of the game world of motor sport. The response from the car when using the remote, much more than I thought was interesting. CLUB’s done a very good job performing all Reactions at the point of Design. Steering wheel, gas and brake all Reactions, Including the cleverly configured. The system allows for a highly controlled ride. Thus, the curve I felt very good on the straights I was able to keep the car stable and fast. Following from a helicopter by full-size remote-controlled Nissan GT-R at Silverstone 211km/H reach speeds of it was an unforgettable experience for me. This is an exciting innovation” in the form of completed.

Right now, on a full time basis Mardenborough competing for Nissan in Japan, the Super GT Championship last weekend at the Made in Thailand in a fastest lap time of the race and took his place in the front row has signed.

Nissan GT-R/C in 2018, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to promote future career opportunities for field trips to be made to primary and secondary schools in the UK will be used.